Campus News

EITS upgrades Internet connection

Enterprise Information Technology Services and the University System of Georgia’s Office of Information and Instructional Technology have worked together to upgrade UGA’s Internet connection. The new OC12 connection-“OC” stands for “Optical Carrier”-provides UGA students, faculty and staff a pipeline to the Internet of about 300 Mbps (300 million bits of information per second). The total bandwidth of 300 Mbps is divided to provide 100 Mbps for Internet1 (general Internet usage) and 200 Mbps for Internet2 (research and advanced network applications), according to Mike Dennis, EITS director of network operations and infrastructure.

“As recently as three months ago we had only 70 Mbps of bandwidth for all of our Internet traffic,” Dennis says. “Since the upgrade, UGA is averaging about 50-60 Mbps on Internet1 and 20-30 Mbps on Internet2.”