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Religion prof will deliver Embracing Diversity lecture

Jace Weaver-h.portrait
Jace Weaver

The university community will celebrate its differences Sept. 15 at the annual Embracing Diversity event.

As keynote speaker, Jace Weaver, director of the Institute of Native American Studies and religion professor at UGA, will speak about the educational advantages of diversity at 3 p.m. in the Chapel.

“We are anticipating that our Embracing Diversity kickoff event will provide an opportunity for the entire UGA community, particularly students, to get excited about the advantages of being a member of such a diverse campus,” said Michelle Cook, interim director of the Office of Institutional Diversity, which is sponsoring the event.

“Dr. Weaver will provide the academic context for us to think about how we all benefit from diversity,” she also said. “Embracing and celebrating the diverse contributions of every member of our community is critical to our goal of creating campus environments that are inclusive and welcoming to all.”

Under the theme of ­“Embracing Diversity: Celebrating Community,” this year’s event has four basic goals, according to Cook. It aims to bring attention to diversity events, programs and initiatives; to highlight university accomplishments in the area of diversity; to remind the community that the OID serves as a resource regarding diversity issues for all of the UGA campuses; and signals the broader community that the university is committed to inclusivity.