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Emory University left off ‘Forbes’ top colleges list; UGA ranked No. 90

Following Emory University’s 2012 admission that it reported inaccurate data to publications that rank universities, Forbes magazine left Emory off its 2013 list of “America’s Top Colleges.”

That list was topped by Stanford University. UGA ranked No. 90 out of 650.

According to Forbes, the decision to leave Emory off the list was made because the university “provided numbers for admitted students rather than enrolled ones for more than a decade.”

Other universities left off the 2013 Forbes list for also reporting inaccurate data were Claremont McKenna College, Bucknell University and Iona.

In an explanation of its decision, Forbes wrote, “As a penalty for their dishonesty-and an acknowledgment of the growing scope of the problem-we are removing the four institutions from our list of the country’s best schools for two years.”