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Endnote, popular bibliographic software, is acquired for university community’s use

Thanks to proceeds from the student technology fee, the libraries and the Graduate School are providing free access to popular bibliographic software, Endnote, which provides correctly styled in-text citations and bibliographies for scholarly writing. The UGA Libraries spend more than $1 million annually to provide electronic resources for the university ­community.

“Endnote will enable students to use the scholarly electronic resources available in GALILEO in a much more efficient and organized manner. They can concentrate on enjoying the research and creative process, while Endnote provides a solution to organizing their search results and citation intricacies,” says Virginia Benjamin, electronic library services liaison. “The student tech fee monies also will allow us to provide WriteNote, a new Web-based bibliography tool. WriteNote is an ‘elementary’ version of Endnote, which will be a gentle introduction to collegiate writing.”

Endnote’s features include an interface with GALILEO databases that offers streamlined transfer of complete bibliographic information, including keywords and abstracts, without manual typing. The program stores the researcher’s notes until they are needed while writing.

“The writing process is always made longer by the inevitable search for references,” says ecology doctoral student Laura Ediger. “I’ve used Endnote not only to make bibliographic work more efficient when writing, but also as a speedy tool for searching databases. With interfaces for many journal databases as well as university library catalogues, Endnote makes it easier to quickly find sources by topic or bibliographic information, much faster than Web-based library search tools. As more and more databases and catalogues become accessible through Endnote, the value increases.”