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Executive Summary: University of Georgia Navy School Proposal

Executive Summary: University of Georgia Navy School Proposal

Executive Summary



January 17, 2007

The University of Georgia (UGA), as the state’s flagship university, recognizes that it must bring its resources to bear on the serious problems Georgia faces in sustaining an adequate supply of physicians and other health care professionals. With this objective in mind, the university has proposed the creation of the University of Georgia Health Sciences Center.

– UGA and the Medical College of Georgia (MCG), in consultation with the University System of Georgia and the Governor’s Office, propose a joint initiative to meet the state’s need to train more physicians and other health care professionals. For reasons discussed in depth in UGA’s formal proposal submitted to the Athens-Clarke County Local Redevelopment Authority, the Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) site is viewed as an ideal location for this effort.

– The proposed Health Sciences Center initially will build on existing assets such as UGA health-related programs, the clinical strengths of local hospitals and clinics in the Prince Avenue medical district and the programs of other institutional partners, including Athens Technical College and MCG. Building on these existing assets, new medical school programs will be developed jointly by UGA and MCG as an expansion of MCG’s accredited curriculum, which could over time support the development of other facilities to meet the expanding need for training physicians in Georgia.

– The proposed center would address a pressing shortage of health care professionals in Georgia by creating more health care training opportunities in a state the currently turns away many qualified students due to shortages of instructional space, faculty and other resources.

– The proposal will more than replace the number of jobs lost from the departure of the NSCS at approximately double the NSCS payroll. In doing so, it will be a significant economic driver for the Athens/Northeast Georgia area, becoming the 16th-largest employer in Athens (the NSCS is the 39th-largest). By 2015, it is expected to generate a minimum of $37 million in additional wages paid statewide, with $17 million in additional wages expected in Clarke County.

– The initial economic activity generated by facilities development, increased enrollment, and expanded need for goods and services is projected to produce an additional $1.4 million per year in revenue to the Athens-Clarke County government, a figure that would rise substantially over time as the project develops. It is anticipated that the new Health Science Center’s total annual impact statewide will exceed $100 million within the first decade of operation.

– Existing structures at the NSCS and the ability to construct significant additional facilities over time at this location offer the physical infrastructure necessary to create this new health sciences campus.

– The proposal provides for preservation of historic structures on the campus and preservation of the tree canopy. The campus would be reopened to the public after being a secure military facility for many years, and could be used for public enjoyment in much the same way the main UGA campus is open to the community.

– While many other military bases involved in the local redevelopment process are quite large in land area and are amenable to multiple purpose re-use, the NSCS campus is only 58 acres, a relatively small area, all of which will be required to accomplish the medical campus plan.

– The NSCS site is within the Prince Avenue medical corridor that includes Athens Regional Medical Center. It is less than three miles from St. Mary’s Hospital. UGA does not have real estate suitable for such a center; the NSCS is the only property of this size in close proximity to both the UGA campus and these important medical complexes.

– The property formerly was owned by the University of Georgia and used as the State Normal School. It was conveyed to the United States Navy in 1954 for the purpose of building the Navy Supply Corps School. UGA will request a deed transfer of the property from the United States Department of Education through Public Benefit Conveyance.

– The full proposal outlines specific uses for several existing NSCS buildings and a Teaching Laboratory Building to be constructed. A core activity at the site will be first- and second-year training for medical students. The site also will provide administrative support for third- and fourth-year students during their clinical training and similar resources for new residency programs to be established in Athens.

– Inter-related programs in the health and medical fields also will be part of the center, including the UGA College of Public Health; the MCG School of Nursing at Athens; allied health programs to train non-physician health professionals; health and risk communications; and continuing medical education. The proposed Health Sciences Center would include a clinical facility, a medical library, a student lounge, a medical school administration building and faculty offices.

– Though the NSCS property is not expected to be available until 2011, curricular and program developments for the Health Sciences Center will occur prior to that date. Some transition and redevelopment activities would be useful prior to 2011 if space becomes available on the NSCS campus.

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