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Fall semester enrollment totals 33,660

Fall semester enrollment at the university totals 33,660, an increase of 255 students from last fall and the second-highest fall enrollment in UGA history. The figure includes 69 students displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and 1,105 students taking classes at the Gwinnett University Center and UGA centers in Tifton and Griffin.

UGA enrollment hit an all-time peak of 33,878 in fall 2003, prompting officials to decide to limit the number of students on the main Athens campus to help reduce pressure on campus facilities and resources. Last fall enrollment fell to 33,405, including a drop of 458 in on-campus enrollment. The 33,405 fall enrollment was the second-highest until this year.

The limitation in on-campus enrollment continues this fall as 32,353 students are attending classes in Athens, an increase of only three from last fall. But, enrollment at the Gwinnett, Tifton and Griffin centers climbed 30 percent, or 255 students, accounting for almost the entire 0.8 percent increase in total enrollment. This is the first enrollment report to include the Griffin center, which opened this fall with 14 students. The Tifton center has 54 students, 10 more than last fall.