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Food can grow in small spaces

Often people with limited or no acreage forgo planting a garden. This need not be the case, since many vegetable varieties can be planted in small spaces. Using proper cultural practices also can reduce the amount of space you need to grow your own vegetables.

Here are some tips to having a successful, small garden:

  • Buy compact varieties. Some fruits or vegetables-such as watermelon and cantaloupe-have dwarf varieties that require less room to grow, so they are perfect for small garden plots. 
  • Love the leaf. Leaf vegetables-such as collards and kale-can be grown in small spaces. 
  • Grow plants up, not over. Vining crops-such as cantaloupe and cucumber-can be trained to grow on a trellis or wire frame. Use a cloth or net sling to support fruit on these plants. 
  • Plant smarter. Many vegetables like lettuce, mustard greens, onions, radish and spinach can grow in small spaces without resorting to planting special varieties or using special practices.