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Georgia Center art exhibition incorporates concepts of Celtic design

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference Center and Hotel will host (con)textualize, an art exhibition by Robin Fay, July 5-31 in the Hill Atrium.

Robin Fay’s work features rich, shimmering layered hand-made paper, metallic flake, stucco, found objects, sand, oil stick and/or acrylic paint.

Incorporating concepts of Celtic design in a modern sense, Fay finds inspiration in the lines, shapes, colors and forms of organic and man-made shapes, from DNA spirals and curled ropes to spiral staircases and sea stacks.

Elements of sand, acrylic and metallic paint, oil pastel, metallic flakes, glitter, acrylic stones, glass beads, paper and tin have all made appearances in her paintings. In her photographs, she actively looks for the hidden in plain view.

Fay often combines her own photographs and scans of her paintings combined with new art created online.

Her artwork, art journal and digital projects including SPARC, a project investigating creativity in the arts, can be found online (

Fay is a founding member of, a new collaborative regional arts Web site.