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Georgians confident in voting system

A majority of Georgians is satisfied that the touch-screen system for casting and counting votes in the state of Georgia is accurate and convenient, according to a recent Peach State Poll. Fifty-nine percent of Georgians believe the touch-screen machines have made voting in Georgia more accurate, compared with only 6 percent who say the new machines make voting less accurate. Of Georgians who say that they voted, nearly 90 percent are very confident (64 percent) or somewhat confident (25 percent) that their vote was accurately counted.

The poll was conducted before the state legislature began debating adding a paper record to the present electronic voting system. Several ideas to make voting even more convenient garnered majority support in the poll, such as extending the hours of advanced voting (88 percent), adding weekend days to advanced voting (77 percent), including a paper record in the fully electronic system (66 percent) and establishing a state holiday on election day
(59 percent).

The Peach State Poll is a quarterly survey of public opinion conducted by UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government.