GPB to air UGA documentary on Gulf Coast oil spill

Athens, Ga. – Black and Blue: Beneath the Gulf Oil Disaster, featuring the work of University of Georgia Professor of Marine Sciences Samantha Joye, will air on Georgia Public Broadcasting on Wednesday, July 21, at 7 p.m.

For two weeks in early June, Joye lead a research cruise into the Gulf of Mexico to within a mile of ground zero of the Deep Water Horizon oil disaster. Joye and her team discovered a second plume of oil three thousand feet below the surface that was miles long and wide. The research team is among the first to try and ascertain the long term impact of the worst maritime oil spill in the nation’s history.

A UGA videographer traveled with Joye and captured for the first time the drama of around-the-clock work, gathering water samples from five thousand feet below the ocean’s surface and analyzing them on the research vessel F. G. Walton Smith. The documentary also includes new research results from Joye discovered since her return to her UGA laboratory.

To learn more about Joye’s research, visit her blog, http://gulfblog.uga.edu.