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Guide helps foragers find and identify Georgia mushrooms

“A Field Guide to the Mushrooms of Georgia” is the first highly illustrated, comprehensive mushroom field guide dedicated to the entire state of Georgia. Written in a relaxed style and using terminology that is easily accessible for both beginners and more experienced mushroom enthusiasts, this book emphasizes identification based primarily on macroscopic field characters, including observational data based on the authors’ years of experience.

The authors provide a step-by-step identification process that makes mushroom foraging fun and informative, and the guide’s more than 750 color photographs make fungi species identification easy.

Each species description contains information on edibility and/or toxicity, which is essential for foragers interested in eating wild mushrooms. Additionally, the descriptions provide enough detailed information to be of use for advanced students and professional mycologists. The highest quality documentary color images, as well as black-and-white illustrations by Anthoni Goodman, further assist in the identification process. This is the definitive guide for mushroom identification in the state of Georgia.