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Guide provides science writing knowledge

Successful Scientific Writing
By Janice R. Matthews and Robert W. Matthews
Cambridge University Press
Paperback and Kindle ebook: $39.99

Retaining the user-friendly style of the previous editions, the fourth edition of Successful Scientific Writing has been broadened to include detailed information relevant to today’s digital world.

It provides step-by-step, practical advice intended to help students and researchers communicate their work more effectively.

The guide covers all aspects of the writing process, from first drafts, literature retrieval and authorship to final drafts and electronic publication. A new section provides extensive coverage of ethical issues, from plagiarism and dual publication to honesty in reporting statistics. Both the text and 30 hands-on exercises include examples applicable to a variety of writing contexts, making this a tool for researchers and students across a range of disciplines.

Janice Matthews was biomedical editor for the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. Robert Matthews is an emeritus Meigs Professor of entomology.