Campus News

Help prevent the spread of the flu

The flu has arrived on campus. Symptoms include fever, malaise, headache, body aches, chest burning, cough and mild sore throat and lasts 7-9 days.

During the month of February, the University Health Center will offer flu shots for $10 for faculty, staff and students. Faculty and staff may make appointments in the Allergy/Travel Clinic at (706) 542-5575. Vaccination remains the most effective way to prevent infection with the flu virus.

Avoiding exposure to the flu is helpful, but in the current environment is very difficult. According to the health center, other ways to avoid contracting the disease include washing your hands or using hand gels containing at least 60 percent alcohol; not touching your face, eyes, mouth unless your hands are clean; and not coming within 6 feet of infected people or handling anything they have been in contact with without wearing protective gloves and wearing an N95 respirator mask (not a surgical mask). The flu is spread when a person who has it coughs, sneezes or speaks and sends the flu virus into the air, and other people inhale the virus.

Sick people can help by not spreading the virus. Remain isolated from others ideally for 7-8 days after becoming symptomatic.