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Help reduce paper usage

With water, energy and resource conservation becoming increasingly important at UGA and elsewhere, recycling office paper is an important step toward environmental sustainability.

Go Green, the Physical Plant Division Sustainability Initiative, offers the following suggestions to help “green” your office, by reducing the amount of paper you use:

• Make hard copies only when necessary. View documents on your computer instead of printing them out, and use e-mail to send documents rather than printing them or sending them via campus mail,  “snail mail” or fax.
• Use a stick-on label on the first page of a fax instead of a full cover sheet.
• Reuse paper that only has printed material on one side. Keep a bin for this paper by printers, fax machines or copiers to use as draft paper.
• Make sure all printers and copiers are set up to print on both sides of each paper.
• Buy recycled paper. Make sure to purchase paper with the highest percentage of post-consumer content available.
• Buy paper products in bulk to minimize ­packaging.