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Home-field advantage

Nathaniel Grow, a legal studies professor in the Terry College of Business, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about the antitrust exemption that allows Major League Baseball to prevent the Oakland Athletics from moving to San Jose, Calif.

The author of Baseball on Trial, a new book about the exemption, Grow said baseball’s antitrust exemption, which makes it difficult for baseball teams to move from one city to another, has been beneficial to the public by bringing stability to franchises and keeping teams from abandoning communities.

Furthermore, Grow said baseball’s business conduct on everything from stadium rights to broadcasting negotiations is similar to other professional sports leagues subject to antitrust law.

“For the most part, their operations are identical,” Grow said.

But Grow doubts the exemption would stand if the Supreme Court takes up the case.

“I’d be surprised if baseball wins again,” he said.