Campus News

Human Resources enhances service to campus community

The Human Resources Division has made several changes to HR hiring, on-boarding and salary administration business processes to enhance service to the university community while also providing greater flexibility to campus users. 

Human Resources strives to be a trusted advisor for all human resources business processes, starting with the goal to provide exceptional customer service and communication and finishing with a positive end result.

“The Human Resources Division strives to serve our university partners the best way that we can in meeting their staffing and employment services needs,” said Juan Jarrett, associate vice president for human resources. “The improvements that we have made, behind-the-scenes with processes and on the front-end with our customer service initiatives, will result in a more positive user experience for all who come in contact with Human Resources.”

The most notable changes within HR business practices have been the salary administration guidelines and the introduction of TeamDynamix. The compensation and classification teams within HR reviewed the level of approvals required for salary action requests, and as a result the salary administration policies were adjusted. UGA units are now allowed to extend salary offers up to the mid-point of the salary grade of the job classification for new hires, including current staff who are hired through a competitive search process. 

TeamDynamix will assist both campus users and Human Resources in tracking requests and transactions, while also streamlining the communication process to help make interactions with HR more efficient. Jarrett said that he is pleased that TeamDynamix will allow campus users to monitor their requests, providing transparency throughout the HR process. 

The recent changes in HR-related business processes have already provided greater flexibility at the end-user level. These business process improvements will help the university community accomplish its goals and objectives and also lay the groundwork for tasks and goals that are ahead.

“HR has brought on additional staffing to meet the needs of the university and the increased volume of HR-related requests,” said Jarrett. “At the same time, HR has a renewed commitment to excellence in our customer service and accountability. Human Resources is dedicated to serving the university with nothing less than our best. Our recent improvements allow us to both better equip and serve our university partners as we all strive to elevate the stature of our great ­university.”