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Forty-two UGA employees retired on Jan. 1, 2020

Forty-two UGA employees retired Jan. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and years of service are Rebecca Baggett, academic advisor III, Franklin College-Dean’s Office-Academic Services, 26 years, 5 months; Sharon Bradley, librarian IV, School of Law, King Law Library, 16  years, 2 months; Rose Bullock, maintenance worker, Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel, operating services, 13 years, 6 months; Hilda Butler, cashier clerk, Auxiliary Services-Bolton Dining Commons, 18 years, 4 months; C. Dale Carey, grounds foreman I, FMD-grounds maintenance, 20 years, 8 months; Leslie Carithers, building services supervisor,  FMD-services-building services, 10 years, 10 months; Dawn H. Cartee, director, Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel, 3 years, 6 months; Janice Coley, optician, University Health Center Vision Clinic, 10 years, 5 months; Wanda Y. Delyons, Chatham County program assistant, Cooperative Extension-Southeast District, 15 years, 9 months; Anoush Ebrahimi, IT professional specialist, Auxiliary Services-information technology, 18 years, 6 months; John David Fields, support manager for hardware/software, Development & Alumni Relations-information technology, 36 years, 6 months; George Foreman, associate professor, Franklin College-Hodgson School of Music, 10 years; Laura L. Garrett, county agent, Cooperative Extension, Northwest District, 30 years, 11 months; Joy L. Glenn, building services worker II, Athletic Association-building services, 15 years, 5 months; Marjanne Goozé, associate professor, Germanic and Slavic studies, 33 years, 3 months; Mark A. Harrison, professor, food science and technology,  36 years,  6 months; Mary J. Hill, systems administrator associate, Development & Alumni Relations-information technology, 15 years,  2 months; Lisa D. Hood, administrative manager I, College of Veterinary Medicine-BTH Administrative Services, 30 years, 5 months; Charles S. Hopkinson, professor, School of Marine Programs, 12 years; Martha “Martee” T. Horne, executive director, Terry College-development & alumni relations, 22 years, 3 months; Debbie J. Huth, grants coordinator II, Center for Family Research, 25 years; Paula Ivey, business manager I, CAES-Tifton campus, 13 years, 6 months; Beata Kochut, research professional II, Selig Center for Economic Growth,  31 years, 5 months; Michael H. Landers, IT professional principal, EITS-web and mobile, 22 years, 3 months;  Richard A. Lebo, database administrator specialist, EITS-systems engineering, 26 years; Crystal P. Lester, administrative associate II, Finance Division-payroll, 24 years, 9 months; Yvette Leverett, director, University Testing Services, 11 years, 6 months; Richard Lewis, professor, foods and nutrition, 33 years, 7 months; Jean C. Mann, administrative associate I, Public Service and Outreach-conference and event planning, 13 years, 2 months; John Mayne, assistant director, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program-Griffin campus, 24 years; Teresa R. Melton, business manager III, College of Engineering-Business Office, 23 years; Dale Monson, professor, Franklin College-Hodgson School of Music, 10 years, 4 months; Teresa Pearson, administrative associate II, Office of Research Services/Central Research Stores, 38 years,  6 months; Barbara Jean Reaves, senior research scientist, College of Veterinary Medicine-infectious diseases department, 10 years, 5 months; Bobby E. Storey, associate research scientist, College of Veterinary Medicine-infectious diseases department, 12 years, 5 months; Teresa J. Taylor, business manager II, Institute of Higher Education, 25 years, 4 months; Tammy D. Thomas, cook I, Auxiliary Services-Bolton Dining Commons, 30 years; Anne M. Threlkeld, county secretary, Cooperative Extension-Northeast District, 22 years, 1 month; A. Bruce Webster,  professor, poultry science department, 25 years, 4 months; Mark G. Wilson, professor, College of Public Health-health promotion and behavior department, 32 years, 3 months; Adrian John Wolstenholme, professor, College of Veterinary Medicine-infectious diseases department, 10 years, 4 months; and Wendy B. Zomlefer, professor, plant biology department, 19 years, 5 months.

Source: Human Resources