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Thirty-one UGA employees retired Jan. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are: Judy Allison, administrative specialist II, communication science and special education, 29 years/7 months; Rachel E. Anderson, accounting technician, School of Marine Programs, 16 years/9 months; Bobby R. Arnold, skilled trades worker, automotive center, 15 years/9 months; Milner S. Ball, professor, School of Law, 29 years/4 months; Judy G. Bates, administrative manager I, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, 30 years/3 months; Jeffrey L. Brudney, professor, School of Public and International Affairs, 23 years; Roosevelt Burch, building services worker II, residence hall facilities, 36 years/3 months; Terry F. Caven, business manager III, food administration, 24 years/8 months; Dorothy L. Clarke, accountant II, child and family development, 26 years/8 months; Willie Clarke, cafeteria manager I, Snelling Hall, 37 years/3 months; Leslie Ann Conwell, administrative assistant I, EITS special systems support, 9 years/9 months; Ozzie Hanson, project superintendent, construction department, 32 years/5 months; Eugene S. Helfman, professor, Institute of Ecology, 26 years/6 months; Carolyn V. Hightower, administrative associate I, Center for Applied Genetic Technologies, 17 years/3 months;  Vivian A.J. Johnson, IT senior manager, EITS special systems support, 19 years/2 months; Sandra Janet Kilgo, administrative assistant II, veterinary medicine-dean’s office, 17 years; Alvin N. Long, computer operations technician III, EITS operations and infrastructure, 24 years/10 months; Betty Ann Lyle, accountant, veterinary medicine-dean’s office, 29 years/9 months; Julia Marlowe, associate professor, housing and consumer economics, 19 year/8 months; Willia M.  McGinley, administrative specialist I, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 36 years; Carole Middlebrooks, program coordinator III, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, 20 years/8 months; Linda S. Murray, human resources specialist II, housing administration, 22 years/2 months; Dana Myers, accounting technician, management, 7 years/4 months; Patsy M. Orr, fiscal affairs director, Office of the Vice President for Research, 27 years/6 months; Barry A. Palevitz, professor, plant biology, 28 years/4 months; Sylvia J. Hillyard Pannell, professor, drama and theatre, 29 years/4 months; Sharad C. Phatak, professor, horticulture research, 31 years/7 months; Thomas E. Polk II, associate professor, art, 31 years/4 months; Sally N. Randall, assistant professor, academic enhancement, 10 years/3 months; Robert J. Sheats, agricultural specialist, Southern Piedmont Station, 22 years/11 months; and Ann Hayes Tompkins, administrative assistant II, public affairs, 6 years/1 month.