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Thirty-two UGA employees retired Jan. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and years of employment are:

Paul W. Ammons, director, School of Social Work, 29 years; E. Dianne Belch, –general editor, public affairs, 29 years; Beverly A. Bourgeois, interior designer, Georgia Center–operating services, 18 years; Janis Ellen Crowell, administrative specialist I, College of Education–dean’s office, 36 years; Nicholas M. Dale, professor, Cooperative Extension–poultry science, 30 years; Lucille Davis, library associate III, libraries–general operations, 32 years; Jo Evelyn W. Dean, public service assistant, Cooperative Extension –Northeast district, 11 years; Robert T. Dixon, assistant director, Small Business Development Center, 16 years; Anita K. Fibbe, administrative associate I, Cooperative Extension–Southwest district, 21 years; Susie G. Finch, food service worker I, Snelling Hall, 23 years; Joyce P. Fincher, county secretary, Cooperative Extension–Northwest district, 9 years; Mary H. Glenn, public service associate, Cooperative Extension–Northwest district, 11 years; Rosemarie Goodrum, part-time instructor, Division of Academic Enhancement, five years; Bertha R. Gresham, building services worker II, custodial services–North campus, 39 years; Mary E. Hansford, administrative associate II, soil, plant and water lab; 17 years; Annie -Harris, building services worker II, custodial services–North campus, 17 years; Tom Harris, equipment operator III, -sanitation services, 29 years; Madeline K. Hawley, administrative associate I, Small Business Development Center, 17 years; Jimmy R. Johnson, cabinet foreman, cabinet shop, 27 years; Linda D. Johnson, library assistant III, -libraries–general operations, 25 years; Robert B. King, Regents Professor, chemistry, 39 years; Stanley H. Kleven, Regents Professor, population health, 35 years; Edward S. Lambert, professor, art, 31 years; Richard L. Lynch, professor, workforce leadership and social foundation, 15 years; William A. Mann, professor, School of Environment and  Design, 34 years; Silvia P. Mapp, –accountant, international affairs–School of Public and International Affairs, 32 years; Carolyn Mosley Meadows, county secretary, Cooperative Extension–Southeast district, 10 years; Teresa E. Palmer, business manager III, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 29 years; Thomas E. Sartain, administrative specialist, physical plant, 31 years; Andrew T. Taylor, assistant dean, clinical and administrative pharmacy, 28 years; Carolyn G. Taylor, administrative specialist I, College of Education–dean’s office, 36 years; and Betty Winfrey, laboratory helper, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, 21 years.