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Japanese veterinary students learn from UGA College of Veterinary Medicine

Kitasato and Kagoshima veterinary visitors-06-h.env
Ten students and two faculty members arrived from Kitasato and Kagoshima universities in Japan to study veterinary medicine with students and faculty at the College of Veterinary Medicine at UGA. The group visited from Aug. 19-Sept. 2.

Ten Japanese exchange students and two faculty members from Kitasato and Kagoshima universities visited the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital from Aug. 19 through Sept. 2, as part of a long-running international exchange among the universities.

“We have an exciting opportunity to not only exchange cultural ideas but also veterinary practices with students and faculty from another culture,” said Paige Carmichael, acting associate dean for academic affairs.

The exchange students chose areas of interest and were matched with different rotations. This allowed the students to see how U.S. veterinarians approach certain clinical problems.

“This program is in keeping with our goal of enhancing our students’ global perspective on veterinary medicine,” said Sheila W. Allen, dean of the veterinary college. “With the frequency of international travel among people, and the movement of animals and animal products throughout the world, it is important that our students gain an understanding of how our profession is practiced in other countries.”

Two veterinary faculty members, Ursula Dietrich and Patrick Hensel, traveled to Japan this year for the first part of the exchange.

“Veterinary students in Japan receive a very science-oriented education, lacking the clinical experience that U.S. students undergo in their fourth year of veterinary school,” Dietrich said.