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Joining forces

Two units provide new executive leadership program for state government

UGA’s Institute for Leadership Advancement and Carl Vinson Institute of Government are teaming up to provide a new program of leadership training for the heads of Georgia’s state agencies and the senior managers who report to them.

The Executive Leadership Program is one of five new initiatives under the Georgia Leadership Institute, championed by the Commission for a New Georgia and funded with $1.5 million from the governor’s office. The goal of the Georgia Leadership Institute is to expand the competencies and skills of current leaders in state government and develop future leaders among staff who demonstrate potential.

“The focus of this program is on the top level of state government administration,” says Peter Shedd, the ILA’s faculty director for the program. “We are honored to be able to provide this additional service to the state through the delivery of our assessment tools, management training and philosophy of servant leadership.”

“We are delighted to bring to this new executive development program our long-term experience in preparing Georgia’s government leaders,” says Wes Wynens, Vinson Institute state training programs director. “Gov. Perdue wants to make Georgia the best-managed state in the nation, and this program can help achieve that goal. We intend to bring the best and most current thinking on improving government performance to the state agency leaders.”

The program’s first session began Aug. 21 and concludes Aug. 24 at the Terry College Executive Education Center in Atlanta. The session focuses on personal l­eadership and team performance. The next session, which will be held Dec. 4-7, will focus on improving performance in public agencies. The final session on ethics and values in public service is scheduled for April 17-18, 2006.

The August session will allow the state executives to reflect on their strengths and areas of improvement as leaders.

“By exploring their personal leadership styles, they will also gain insight into how those styles affect executive team performance,” Wynens says.

The Executive Leadership Program will consist of a total of four classes of participants through 2007. The participating state agencies for the inaugural program include the Department of Corrections, Department of Economic Development, Department of Human Resources, Department of Revenue, Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority, Georgia Merit System, and Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission. Thirty-four senior administrators are registered.