Campus News

June retirees

Thirty-two UGA employees retired June 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

Frances Todd Baker, professor, physics and astronomy, 31 years/9 months; Ivan D. Bauer, data management specialist I, registrar’s office, 13 years/11 months; Elois Ann Berlin, associate professor, anthropology, 11 years/8 months; Patricia Ann Billinglsey, building services worker II, custodial services—South Campus, 11 years/9 months; Corrie D. Brooks, IT professional associate, assistant dean’s officeGeorgia Experiment Station, 27 years/5 months; Walter M. Darley, associate professor, biological sciences, 37 years/3 months; Patricia A. Embry, business manager I, Center for Teaching and Learning, 30 years; Robert C. England, manager, campus mail, 13 years/9 months; Larry K. Freeman, research professional I, horticulture research—Georgia Experiment Station; 36 years/4 months; Charles G. Gammill, senior public service associate, College of Pharmacy, 29 years/7 months; John A. Gosselin, associate professor, mathematics department, 31 years/9 months; Mary Hembree, administrative associate II, English department, 16 years; James A. Herbert, Distinguished Research Professor, art, 43 years/9 months; Robert E. Hodson, professor, School of Marine Programs, 28 years/9 months; Anant V. Jain, senior public service associate, Athens Diagnostic Lab, 31 years/5 months; Kenneth D. Johnson, professor, mathematics department, 28 years/9 months; Edward T. Kanemasu, assistant dean, Office of Global Programs, 16 years/10 months; Deanna Knight, administrative associate II, Graduate School, 39 years/3 months; Carl A. Lasco, greenhouse supervisor, horticulture research, 32 years/10 months; John W. Lee, professor, biochemistry and molecular biology, 36 years/9 months; Judith L. Meyer, Distinguished Research Professor, Institute of Ecology, 28 years/9 months; Melinda A. Moodie, veterinary animal caretaker II, veterinary teaching hospital, 21 years/4 months; Sherrie Nist, director, Division of Academic Enhancement, 23 years/9 months; David Porter, professor, plant biology, 36 years/9 months; Arthur S. Rosenbaum, professor, art, 29 years/9 months; Mary N. Seney Nat, lab animal health technician, vet med animal resources, 24 years/11 months; David N. Stoffel, associate professor, music, 26 years/9 months; Jeanette M. Stroer, administrative associate I, Georgia Center: auxiliary operations–hotel, 23 years/6 months; James B. Wallace, professor, entomology, 38 years/9 months; Paul R. Wenston, associate professor, mathematics department, 31 years/9 months; Susan L. White, professor, large animal medicine, 25 years/11 months; and Donna A. Wyatt, research professional I, crop and soil sciences–Georgia Experiment Station, 22 years/4 months.