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Kinesiology professor discusses feeling energized through exercise

Patrick O’Connor, a kinesiology professor in the Mary Frances Early College of Education, was recently quoted in a Shape article about the relationship between exercising and feeling energized, particularly with cardio-core circuits.

“Exercise induces changes in several neurotransmitters—brain messengers that play a role in wakefulness and pleasure—and that is likely important in the response,” he said.

Exercising overtime will have a lasting effect. Even just one, 10-minute session can boost energy in the moment. O’Connor has researched the exercise-energy link for years.

One of his main findings showed doing low-intensity exercise like walking or moderate exercise like biking for 20 minutes a few times a week could boost energy levels by 20%.

“It takes four to six weeks of regular exercise for the brain to adapt in a way so that you regularly feel more energetic,” O’Connor said.

The article details ideas for an energizing cardio-core circuit that people can do at home for a boost of energy.