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Laboratory seeks stroke survivors for research study on hand recovery

The Cognition and Dexterity Laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology is seeking stroke survivors for a research study. Researchers hope to use the knowledge learned from this study to inform accurate assessment of hand impairment and therapies for effective hand rehabilitation.

This is an IRB-approved study led by Jing Xu, assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology at UGA, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, Emory University and Carnegie Mellon University. The researchers study hand function recovery after stroke via behavioral tasks, non-invasive brain stimulation and MRI to test the integrity of the biological systems that support the hand functions.

Research participants will visit the CoDex lab twice within two to three weeks. Each visit will be two days, about six hours long per day. Participants will be paid for their time at a rate of $20 per hour and will be compensated for transportation, lunch and hotel expenses if needed.

For more information about the study, please visit For any further questions, contact Aisha Bushra at or 706-542-4132.