Campus News

Legacy employee website will be retired

On June 30, the legacy UGA employee self-service site will be retired and no longer available to view, download or print pay stubs and W-2s. Pre-2019 pay stubs and W-2s will not be migrated to OneUSG Connect. Employees who wish to keep copies of pre-2019 pay stubs or W-2s should download them before June 30.

Log into and click on “My Paychecks” and “My W-2s” in the left sidebar. Both paychecks and W-2s are available in PDF format.

After June 30, employees can contact or 706-542-0202 (option 1) to request copies of pre-2019 pay stubs or W-2s.  These records are retained for five years from their issue date.

For pay stubs and W-2s dated after Jan. 1, 2019, visit ­ and log into OneUSG Connect to view, download or print these documents.