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Magazine ranks UGA among top U.S. public universities

For the eighth consecutive year, UGA is ranked 22nd or higher among the top public universities in the nation, according to the 2007 edition of U.S. News & World Report‘s “Best Colleges” guide. The publication lists UGA as tied for 21st among top public universities and tied for 60th out of 124 institutions overall.

“We’re traveling in an impressive peer group of top institutions and are most pleased to be included among the nation’s top public universities again this year,” President Michael F. Adams said.

Although this year’s ranking marks the first time in six years the university has not been in the top 20-last year it ranked 19th-the list should be taken in context, university officials said.

U.S. News uses a complicated formula, and it’s hard to tell in any one year why a school moves a few points,” said Tom Jackson, vice president for public affairs. “It may be that others moved past us rather than us ‘falling.’ ”

“Every year we have said, ‘We can’t put too much stock in any one year in any one such survey,’ but the sum total of them show we’re traveling in good company,” Jackson added. “A two-point move up one year might be followed by a two-point move down in another. We need to look at the long-run, which is top 22 for eight consecutive years.”

U.S. News ranks UGA seventh among eight public universities in the “Great Schools, Great Prices” list, which also includes UNC-Chapel Hill, the University of Virginia, Texas A&M, the University of Texas-Austin, North Carolina State University-Raleigh, the State University of New York’s College of Environment, Science and Forestry and the University of California-Berkley. UGA placed 45th out of 50 ranked institutions in that listing.

The Terry College of Business is ranked 18th among undergraduate programs at public business schools and is tied for 29th overall, based on a survey of about 400 accredited business schools that are eligible for the ranking. Terry’s risk management and insurance program moved up one spot to second nationally in its ranking; the