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Mandatory direct deposit

Effective April 1, direct deposit will be the required method of payroll payments to UGA employees. This is in accordance with board of regents policy “Required Electronic Transfer of Funds.”

All newly hired or rehired employees are required to enroll in direct deposit within 30 days of being hired and remain enrolled in direct deposit throughout their employment with the university.

Current employees already being paid by direct deposit do not need to take any additional action. Current employees who now receive a paper payroll check will be required to enroll in direct deposit unless granted an exception for either not being able to obtain an account at an eligible financial institution or for extreme hardship. All temporary employees (non-benefits eligible) are exempt from this requirement.

The deadline to enroll in direct deposit or apply for an exemption is April 1.

Additionally, the payroll department will no longer print or distribute hard-copy payroll advice/check stub documents after March 31. Directions for accessing payroll advice/check stub information may be found at

Questions should be directed to the payroll department by calling 706-542-3431 or emailing