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Marketing, medicine meet in new book

Pharmaceutical Marketing
By Mathew Perri III and Brent Rollins
Jones & Bartlett Learning

Matthew Perri III, a professor in the College of Pharmacy, has co-authored a book about pharmaceutical marketing with former graduate student Brent Rollins, who is now a faculty member at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy. The book has been published by Jones & Bartlett Learning and is available through

Pharmaceutical Marketing provides students and new industry professionals with a thorough overview of the principles of marketing including marketing as a process; marketing effectively in the pharmaceutical environment; coverage of marketing brand and generic drugs with special emphasis on direct-to-consumer advertising; and the impact of social media and technology.

Pharmaceutical Marketing examines the current pharmaceutical marketing environment from both an academic and practical perspective with a focus on providing practical applications of all material discussed according to the perspectives of various market segments.