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Members of promotion, tenure review committees are announced

In accordance with The University of Georgia Guidelines for Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure, the membership of the University Review Committees and University Appeals Committee on Promotion and Tenure are being announced.

“These faculty members spent many hours evaluating promotion and tenure nominations,” says Provost Arnett C. Mace Jr. “Their service to the university is -appreciated.” 

University Review Committee members for 2004-2005 were:

Fine and Applied Arts—Evan Firestone, Kenneth Fischer, Richard LaFleur, Sylvia Pannell, Will Power, Scott Weinberg (elected chair) and Anne Williams.

Health and Clinical Sciences— Corrie Brown, James Bruckner, David DeJoy, Stuart Feldman (elected chair), Jack Fincham, Patrick O’Connor and James Price. 

Humanities—Victoria Davion, Jared Klein, Allan Kulikoff, James McGregor, Max Reinhart, Frances Teague and Richard Winfield (elected chair).

Life Sciences—Miguel Cabrera, David Coleman, Sidney Kushner, Kojo Anzah Mensa-Wilmot, James Prestegard, Lawrence Shimkets (elected chair) and Michael R. Strand.

Physical Sciences—Francis Baker, Suchendra Bhandarkariab, Richard Dluhy, Kenneth Johnson, William McCormick, Alberto Patino-Douce, and Brahm Verma (elected chair).

Social and Behavioral -Sciences—Overton Brent Berlin, Irwin Bernstein, James Dowd, John Inscoe, Albert J. Parker, Hal Rainey (elected chair) and Zolinda Stoneman.

Professional and Applied -Studies [A]—Donna Alvermann, Lee Becker, Scott Brown, Thomas Coleman, Jennifer J. Gaver (elected chair), Karl Miller, and Peggy Ozias-Akins. 

Professional and Applied -Studies [B]—Robert Brussack (elected chair), Margarethe Hoenig, Randy Kamphaus, Jeremy Kilpatrick, Lettie Lockhart, Ralph Steuer and Wayne Parrott.

Professional and Applied Studies [C]—Helen Epps, James Kau, Karen King, Chris Langone, William Lastrapes, Joel Taxel and Cynthia M. Trim (elected chair).

Members of the University Appeals Committee were Alison Alexander, Wyatt Anderson, Elwood Beck, Josef Broder, Gene Brody, Charles S. Bullock, Archie Carroll, Del Dunn, Arthur Dunning, Ann Dupre, Maureen Grasso, June Hopps, Stanley H. Kleven, Arnett C. Mace, Gordhan Patel, James Porter, Randall Tackett, Robert Warren, Hazel Wetzstein and Patricia Wilson.