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Milner Ball received Lifetime Achievement Award

Milner Ball, holder of the Harmon W. Caldwell Chair in Constitutional Law, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Hamline University School of Law’s Journal of Law and Religion.

This honor is bestowed annually on someone whose life and work exemplifies the vision and work of the publication, an interfaith periodical committed to the integrated disciplines of law, religion and ethics.

Ball, who is also an ordained Presbyterian minister, has been a major contributor to the fields of law and religion for more than three decades. Through his work, he strives to promote a dialogue on the relationship between theology and law.

He supplements his scholarly pursuits with many social causes. Passionate about social justice, he is the founder of the UGA School of Law’s Public Interest Practicum, a program that places law students in local soup kitchens, housing projects and other settings where they offer legal support to the poor, needy and disenfranchised.