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Milton Masciadri

Milton Masciadri
Milton Masciadri

Renowned double bassist Milton Masciadri attracts students from across the U.S. and around the world who come to UGA to study with him.

Where did you earn degrees and what are your current responsibilities at UGA?

I earned my music degrees in Uruguay, Brazil and the United States. The last two masters and doctorate degrees were obtained at the University of Hartford and State University of New York (SUNY) Stony Brook. I am the professor of double bass at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, where I also teach chamber music and coordinate the international programs for the school including the study abroad program.

When did you come to UGA and what brought you here?

The University of Georgia brought me here in 1984 to teach music.  It has been a passion in my family for many generations and specifically a passion for the double bass. My grandfather and my father were bassists and my son is following some of the same steps. I had the opportunity to come and teach and develop the double bass program at UGA.

What interests you about your field?

The beauty about music is that it allows you to communicate with people all over the world without having necessarily to speak the language of the country you are visiting. Music has taken me to all corners of the planet and allows me to enjoy my work worldwide.

What are some highlights of your career at UGA?

Over the years, I have been fortunate to be able to bring my work around the world and, in some ways, bring my music world to Georgia. This has led to my receiving awards and recognitions from UGA and also from other countries.  In 2010, I was honored to receive the title of University Professor at UGA for my work on and off campus.  Earlier this year, I received the knighthood designation of “Cavalier di San Marco” in Venice, for services to the people of Italy. I also received a Medal of Honor in the early 1990s awarded by the System of Federal Universities of Brazil for services to the people of Brazil. In 1998, I was awarded the designation of “UNESCO Artist for Peace” in Paris. As the only double bassist in the program, I represent the United Nations in performances around the world for benefits and major events, as well as being invited to perform at the United Nations in New York.  These international activities have allowed me to connect the music department at UGA with many international programs in Europe and South America. I was invited by the UNESCO office in Venice, for a performance at “La Fenice” Opera house, one of the most reputed in the world, and I extended the invitation to UGA’s ARCO Chamber Orchestra.  The concert was Nov. 13, and 22 UGA students, faculty and staff traveled to Italy for it.

How does your research or scholarship inspire your teaching?

My career as a performer was always transplanted to my studio teaching, trying to help the students to perform and extend their performing abilities nationally and internationally. Yearly, I organize an International Double Bass Symposium bringing performers and pedagogues to UGA who are recognized worldwide.

What do you hope students gain from their classroom experience with you?

Hopefully they are able to reach the highest potential as performers and teachers and that will bring to them rich and fulfilling careers.

Describe your ideal student.

The ideal student identifies the beauty of music and practices and is dedicated in achieving the best music-making to enlighten and excite audiences worldwide. Also, these students will become teachers of students around the state, nation and the world for future generations of musicians.

Favorite place to be/thing to do on campus is…

UGA has wonderful activities to take part in, but performing at the Performing Arts Center is a rewarding experience with its wonderful acoustics and design. UGA is very fortunate to have this performance space.

Beyond the UGA campus, I like to…

I enjoy spending time with my family and participating in activities with my wife, Dr. Rosanna Masciadri. She is a dentist in Athens and her activities bring a new and refreshing perspective to my own. I enjoy going to soccer games with my sons, Daniel and Nicholas, and doing outdoor activities with both of them.

Community/civic involvement includes….

I have served as a member of the board in the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra, and was for many years a member of the advisory board of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute at UGA. I am coordinator of the guest artist series for Athens Academy and am a member of the Rotary Club.

Proudest moment at UGA? 

…being named University Professor for service to UGA.