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MSD will mark 18th anniversary

Managed Software Distribution, an EITS unit established to administer the distribution of software throughout the University System of Georgia-including UGA-celebrates its 18th year of operation next month. During that time, MSD has provided quality software and related services in a cost-effective manner to support the academic and research functions of all institutions within the University System of Georgia, according to Larry Pounds, who directs MSD operations.

“From March 2004 to February 2005, MSD has saved UGA and University System institutions nearly $5.6 million,” says Pounds. “Since its was created, savings are estimated to be in excess of $30 million when compared to statewide contract pricing and other dealer educational pricing. This savings is attributable, primarily, to the negotiation of multi-user licensing agreements and volume purchasing.”

Faculty and staff have benefited from these institutional savings, and students have also benefited from MSD’s extensive experience in negotiating the best price through multi-user licensing agreements and volume purchasing. The most notable example is Element K. An e-learning solution accessible through UGA’s student portal (, Element K offers students hundreds of lessons in a variety of subject areas. Online learning opportunities offered through Element K include common software packages (Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), computer networking, computer security, plus many more.

“We hope to expand our efforts to students,” says Pounds. “There are a number of software titles we can potentially offer to students in the future.”