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National Invasive Species Awareness Week runs through March 8

Brunswick, Ga. – National Invasive Species Awareness Week runs through March 8 and the University of Georgia is offering information on prevention, detection, monitoring, control and management of invasive species.

Invasive species are plants and animals that have been introduced, either accidentally or intentionally, into areas outside their natural ranges and cause economic or environmental harm. These species are capable of having a negative effect on Georgia’s economy, natural environment, and human and animal health.

Information on National Invasive Species Awareness Week is available online:
• To learn what species are invasive, see;
• To learn about the state of Georgia’s invasive species management efforts, see;
• To report an invasive species, see;
• To volunteer with in an eradication project, see; and
• To find a native plants for gardening, see or contact the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service’s coastal native plant learning gardens in Brunswick and on Skidaway Island,

Information on invasive species and how to control them is available on the following websites:
• UGA Bugwood,;
• Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council,; and
• Coastal Wildscapes,

Marine Extension Service and Georgia Sea Grant
The Marine Extension Service and Georgia Sea Grant are Public Service and Outreach units serving the Georgia coast. MAREX works to increase the efficiency of existing marine industries, identify new industries that do not harm the environment and increase public awareness and understanding of coastal ecosystems. Georgia Sea Grant is part of a national program under National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that channels funds into colleges, universities and research institutes to support coastal research, education and outreach.