Campus News

Network maintenance scheduled for March 6

EITS will conduct network maintenance that will result in periodic, intermittent outages of campus internet access and campus information systems on Saturday, March 6, 2021, from 6 a.m. until 11:59 p.m.

If you are aware of activities on this day that you anticipate will be impacted by this maintenance and would like assistance with planning, please contact Jeff Farese at

This maintenance is necessary to allow EITS to continue to provide ample bandwidth and capacity for the university. This is the first of two regularly scheduled network maintenances in 2021. These are performed twice each year as part of the standard maintenance schedule.

The outages associated with the maintenance will be unpredictable, so the UGA community should assume that network services will be unavailable during the entire day.

Key points:

  • Systems that use services in the UGA Boyd Data Center will experience outages. This also includes UGA websites hosted in the Boyd Data Center. The university’s primary website at is hosted off campus and will remain available.
  • UGA’s Single Sign-On (UGA SSO) also will experience outages. This means individuals will not be able to log in to many UGA-provided information systems including Zoom, DawgCheck, Athena, Banner Administrative System, Degree Works, eLearning Commons (eLC), UGA Financial Management System, UGA Budget Management System, UGAJobs, UGAmart, OneUSG Connect, and OneUSG Connect Benefits.
  • Individuals will experience outages accessing UGAMail, websites hosted by UGA, the Virtual Private Network (VPN), ArchPass Duo and information systems hosted by EITS.
  • Wireless networks will also be unavailable including Paws-Secure, Eduroam and UGA_Visitors_WiFi.
  • All systems behind the Central Departmental firewalls will experience outages to their access to the UGA network.
  • All systems in the Hosted Area will experience outages.

Additional details and progress reports will be posted at and on the EITS Twitter feed at @uga_eits.