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New book examines corporate power in US

Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience
Written by Archie B. Carroll, Kenneth J. Lipartito, James E. Post and Patricia H. Werhane; Edited by Kenneth E. Goodpaster
Cambridge University Press

Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience provides a thought-provoking history of corporate responsibility in the U.S. and is a landmark publication documenting the story of corporate power and business behavior from the mid-18th century to the modern day.

The book-co-authored by Archie B. Carroll, UGA professor emeritus in the Terry College of Business, along with Kenneth J. Lipartito, Florida International University; James E. Post, Boston University; and Patricia H. Werhane, DePaul University-shows how the idea of corporate responsibility has evolved over time, with the roles, responsibilities and performance of corporations increasingly coming under the spotlight.

Today, it is expected a corporation is transparent in its operations; it will reflect ethical values that are shared by others in society; and that companies will enable society to achieve environmental sustainability as well as a high standard of living.