Campus News

New fixed tuition policy implemented

Beginning this fall, new students enrolling in the University System of Georgia’s 35 colleges and universities will pay a guaranteed tuition rate aimed at providing tuition stability and encouraging on-time graduation.

New students entering the system’s four-year universities, including UGA, will pay a guaranteed rate for four years, and those entering the two-year colleges will pay a guaranteed rate for three years.

The guaranteed tuition plan-a first in the University System’s history-will fix tuition for four years at the system’s research universities at $1,946 per semester for new, incoming students.

Tuition at the University System’s two regional and 13 state universities will be $1,280 per semester for the fall 2006 entering class. Freshmen entering the two-year colleges this fall will spend $802 per semester for three years

Students currently enrolled at the research universities will see a tuition increase of 5 percent, or $91 per semester, making the new rate $1,910 per semester. Students at regional and state universities will see an increase of 4 percent, or $49 per semester, for a total rate of $1,268 per semester. Tuition at the two-year colleges will increase only 3 percent, or $23 per semester, to $794 per semester.