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New staff onboarding and orientation program launches

The Engage & Learn initiative is in its inaugural year of staff-focused learning and professional development programs. As part of that initiative, the first-ever comprehensive and university-wide staff onboarding and orientation program will launch this month.

Who: Beginning Aug. 5, all new, full benefits-eligible staff will be invited within their 30-day benefit eligibility window to attend the UGA-wide orientation program.

When: New hires (and their supervisors for awareness) will begin receiving email invitations in mid-August 2021 and ongoing.

Format: In an effort to provide onboarding information quickly and efficiently to new hires, the orientation sessions will be hosted virtually in the live format for the remainder of 2021. In-person opportunities will be introduced as the onboarding program is further developed and refined.

Length: New hires should plan to allocate a full eight-hour workday for participation.


  • New staff will learn about UGA’s history, mission and culture along with University System of Georgia and University of Georgia benefits and perks.
  • Staff members can begin to network and learn about resources available to them.
  • After attending orientation, staff can continue the New Staff Onboarding Series, which includes quarterly touchpoints throughout the first year of employment to learn more about the UGA culture and career paths. New staff can access these learning opportunities via the Professional Education Portal.
  • For supervisors, this program will save time by streamlining onboarding processes. This is meant to complement rather than replace any unit-specific onboarding practices.

Learn more at the new Onboarding website.

Please visit the Engage & Learn website for more information on this and other programs designed to support staff growth and development. Question