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Nineteen UGA employees retired May 1, 2017

Nineteen UGA employees retired May 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and years of service are: Sandra J. Baird, cashier clerk, Oglethorpe Dining Hall, 16 years, 8 months; Dianne Key Campbell, business manager II, UGA Cooperative Extension-Southeast district, 40 years, 6 months; Debra G. Cole, registered veterinary technician II, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, 26 years, 8 months; Larry G. Dyer, floor covering installer, Facilities Management Division-operations and maintenance-Floor Covering Shop, 17 years, 8 months; Jane J. Hillsman, human resources coordinator, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, 30 years; Cherry C. Hovatter, public service assistant, UGA Cooperative Extension-Northwest district, 17 years; Barbara Hartman Howell, alumni development specialist II, athletics, 16 years, 10 months; Jennifer W. Jordan, senior public service associate, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, 27 years, 10 months; Francis J. Kelley, IT professional specialist, EITS systems and client support, 33 years, 5 months; Doris Marie Lord, administrative manager I, food science and technology, 23 years, 3 months; Jenifer K. Marquardt, librarian II, Libraries-general operations, 25 years, 2 months; David M. Mathis, research professional I, crop and soil sciences, 38 years, Brenda W. Mattox, administrative financial director, Odum School of Ecology, 28 years, 2 months; Clare Johnson McFadden, administrative specialist II, Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration, 18 years, 6 months; Willie J. Moore, building services worker II, Facilities Management Division-services department, building services (second shift), 14 years; Gene M. Pesti, professor, poultry science, 37 years, 1 month; Richard L. Sloan, boiler operator II, Facilities Management Division-energy department-stem production, 30 years, 5 months; Dennis W. Stewart, parts specialist, Facilities Management Division-grounds department-maintenance, 16 years, 6 months; and Robbin G. Wilkes, administrative associate II, Research Business Services, 39 years, 10 months.

Source: Human Resources