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Nominations being accepted for ‘Extreme Makeover: Office Edition’ competition

The Office of Human Resources work/life balance coordinator Kiz Adams is partnering with the textiles, merchandising and furnishings department in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences to sponsor an “Extreme Office Makeover” contest.

Inspired by the hit reality TV show Extreme Home Makeover, hosted by Ty Pennington, UGA faculty and staff are invited to nominate their office as the “ugliest office on campus” in need of an extreme makeover.

Do you have a cramped, windowless office? Is every available flat space covered in papers, files and boxes? Are your office walls bare and uninspiring?

Judges will select five offices on campus to be the design projects for students enrolled in Lilia Gomez-Lanier’s Studio Design course. The students will create five designs for each office, and Gomez-Lanier will select one winning design for each office. Through sponsorship funds provided by Chastain’s Office Furnishings and Supplies and UGA’s Office of Service-Learning, the offices will be made over according to the winning design elements.

“One of the issues that greatly affects an employee’s work/life balance is his or her office space,” said Adams.

Gomez-Lanier said the students will be challenged to propose a design concept and furniture, fixtures and equipment for each space that echoes the essence of the employee/client given the limitations of the budget and no reconstruction.

Faculty or staff members who would like to nominate their office for this competition should contact either Adams by email ( or phone (706-542-7319) or Gomez-Lanier by email ( or phone (706-542-8777) by Oct. 1.