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Non-teaching UGA staff needed for COVID-19 research study

Non-teaching UGA staff are invited to participate in a research study by doctoral students in the School of Social Work titled “Effects of COVID-19 Related Stress on UGA Staff.”

All UGA staff who do not have teaching responsibilities as a core component of their employment are eligible for participation. Participants will be asked questions concerning their experiences and concerns about the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to their position.

The benefits of participating in this research include providing important information regarding the needs and concerns of UGA staff during the pandemic to inform the university community on how to better serve and support staff members in the present and future.

All participants will be asked to complete a survey that will take approximately 20-25 minutes. Those who agree to participate may withdraw from the study at any point, with no penalty. After completing the survey, participants will be entered into a drawing for one of eight $50 Walmart gift cards. Staff members do not have to be in the study to enter the drawing. Those who do not want to participate in the story should send an email to to enter the drawing. Those names will be provided to the investigator’s departmental business office for tracking purposes to notify winners.

Take the survey.

Participants may complete the survey electronically, through a secure website, accessible only to the survey respondent and the researchers. All responses will be kept confidential to the extent that federal, state and local statutes permit. Participants are encouraged to use a home or secure network to minimize any risk possible on an open or public network.

Contact Rachel Fusco at or Caroline Sharkey at with any questions about this research project.

This study has been UGA IRB approved.