Campus News


Eighteen UGA employees retired Nov. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are: Jarrell B. Anthony, director, Campus Life, 38 years; Renee C. Blakey, library associate III, libraries-general operations, 34 years/6 months; Peggy P. Bledsoe, public service associate, Cooperative Extension-Southwest District, 24 years/4 months; Teresa M. Cook, laboratory technician II, Tifton Diagnostic Lab, 32 years/8 months; Sandra C. Gary, administrative manager II, Institute for Behavioral Research, 22 years/4 months; Brenda J. Gresham, building services worker II, North Campus Building Services, 35 years/6 months; William Walton Harris, design and production manager, University Press, 18 years/9 months; Cynthia C. Harrison, business manager I, Coastal Plain Station, 25 years/7 months; David R. Harward, senior instrument maker, Research Business Services, 38 years/6 months; Brannon O. Jones, assistant manager, Central Duplicating, 22 years/8 months; Lesley L. Jones, administrative associate II, GHSU/UGA Medical Partnership, 17 years/6 months; Robert Duncan McNeill IV, research station superintendent, Office of the Assistant Dean for the Tifton Campus, 25 years/7 months; Roosevelt McWilliams, public service assistant, Cooperative Extension-Southeast District, 23 years/2 months; Vicki L. Nesmith, administrative associate I, School of Social Work, 14 years/5 months; Sharon Yvonne Nickols, professor, housing and consumer economics, 21 years/2 months; Myrna Lee Powell, IT professional specialist, College of Journalism and Mass Communication, 25 years/5 months; Linda E. Tumlin, library associate II, College of Veterinary Medicine-Dean’s Office, 27 year/6 months; and Jack Osborne Wall Jr., public service representative, Cooperative Extension-Southeast District, 22 years/8 months.