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Oklahoma makes good on Rose Bowl bet with UGA

SGA photo
SGA President Cameron Keen and senators display chocolate goods from the University of Oklahoma student government, the result of a Rose Bowl bet. (Photo by Chad Osburn/UGA)

True to their word, the student government association at the University of Oklahoma paid up after losing a friendly wager placed on the outcome of this year’s Rose Bowl, which UGA won by a score of 54-48 in double overtime.

In accordance with their bet, JD Baker, Oklahoma’s student government president, sent the UGA community 10 pounds of chocolate from made by Bedré Fine Chocolate, a Davis, Oklahoma, chocolatier owned by the Chickasaw Nation.

Had UGA lost, the Bulldogs promised to deliver 10 pounds of sweet Georgia barbeque.

Students opened the package and distributed the chocolate on Tuesday during a regular meeting of the Student Government Association, said Cameron Keen, UGA’s student government president.

“Thank you to JD Baker and the Oklahoma University Student Government Association for participating in this friendly wager,” Keen said. “I know the chocolate will be just as sweet as our Rose Bowl victory.”