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Pharmacy College appoints new Kroger Professor, names assistant dean

Joan Watson

Henry N. Young, formerly of the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has joined UGA’s College of Pharmacy as the Kroger Professor in Community Pharmacy. Young was previously an associate professor in the social and administrative sciences division and co-director of the Pharmacy Practice Enhancement and Action Research Link project.

In 2002 Young earned a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences-pharmacy administration and a certificate of health communication at the University of Florida, where he also earned a bachelor of science degree in psychology in 1997, with a minor in business administration. Young completed a postdoctoral fellowship in health services research and health communication at the University of California, Davis in 2005.

The pharmacy college also filled a new administrative position when Joan Watson became assistant dean for academic and strategic initiatives on Aug. 1.

In the position, Watson is responsible for evaluating and overseeing the implementation of strategies and goals that are developed in line with academic and programmatic long-range plans.

Her responsibilities include monitoring the external environment for changes in the health sciences field affecting the pharmacy college and its various programs, overseeing the development of new strategies and academic initiatives, and overseeing the implementation and progress of strategic and academic initiatives within the college.