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Poll: Georgians support obesity measures

Georgians see childhood obesity as a high priority health issue, one that the state should take steps to address, according to the latest Peach State Poll. Thirty percent believe that childhood obesity should be a top health priority, and an additional 40 percent feel that it should be a high priority.

Georgians see the public school system as one institution in a position to address childhood obesity. Seven in 10 Georgians believe that public school officials should make parents of overweight children aware of the possible health consequences of their child’s weight.

The Peach State Poll is a quarterly survey of public opinion conducted by UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Other Peach State Poll results:

  • Most Georgians either strongly support or somewhat support confidential height/weight reporting (37 percent and 22 percent, respectively) for Georgia’s public school children. Of those who oppose such reporting, nearly one-half (48 percent) would change their mind if parents were allowed to choose whether or not their child participated.
  • The majority of Georgians (60 percent) support legislation that would remove high-sugar beverages from public schools. Sixty-six percent would also support the removal of high-sugar, high-fat junk foods from public school vending machines.