Campus News

Pre-med, pre-law advising available across campus

Growing interest among students in careers in medicine and law has prompted UGA officials to reorganize, expand and relocate the pre-medicine and pre-law advising programs. The UGA Pre-Medical Studies and Pre-Law Advising Office has been established, utilizing Dr. Alan Langford and Cathy Clutter, who previously have been part of advising services in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Their offices have moved to 207 Memorial Hall, and their services will now be available to students in all of UGA’s schools and colleges.

Langford, a dermatologist previously in private practice, has been the pre-medicine adviser in arts and sciences for a number of years. Clutter, a practicing attorney, has been handling pre-law advising in arts and sciences while the regular adviser, Rob Haire, is on a leave of absence.

“The services and expertise of these two outstanding advisers will now be available to all undergraduate students,” says Ann Crowther, associate vice president for instruction and chair of the Academic Advising Coordinating Council, which recommended the change. “Students will continue to receive general academic advising from professional staff and faculty advisers in their schools or colleges, and those needing specialized help in the areas of medicine and law have this exciting additional option.”

Langford and Clutter will provide advice that supplements what students receive in their college or department. They will help students choose schools to apply to and guide them in preparing admission applications.