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Prof pens global history of WWI

The Great War: An Imperial History
By John H. Morrow Jr.

The Great War: An Imperial History revolutionizes readers’ understanding of World War I by placing it squarely in the context of imperialism. Written by UGA Franklin ­Professor of History John Morrow Jr., the book shows how a world view saturated in ­aggression and fear-coupled with ­intellectual trends such as social ­Darwinism and ­eugenics-unleashed ­disastrous consequences.

The beginning of the 19th century marked the peak of Western imperial power. After subjugating “inferior” peoples in distant lands, the European states turned inward in an unparalleled orgy of self-destruction that began in 1914 and did not end until 1945.

With particular attention to race, class and gender issues, Morrow traces the conflict from its origins to its aftermath in order to provide the first truly global history of the war, one that emphasizes the experiences of soldiers in all theaters (Africans, Turks, etc.) as well as citizens on the many home fronts.

In conjunction with the release of The Great War, Morrow will participate in a presentation and book signing Jan. 22 at 7 p.m. at Barnes & Noble bookstore.