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Professor discusses digital talent platforms catered to caregivers

Laura M. Little, professor in the Terry College of Business’ management department, spoke with the BBC about rising platforms that help mothers find balance in their work-home life.

Digital talent platforms like The Mom Project and The Second Shift connect mothers with companies, allowing them to find flexible opportunities for work. Though platforms such as these have existed for a few years, a post-pandemic shift has caused caregivers to adapt the way they approach the workforce. With these platforms, mothers are able to continue receiving salaries and remain in the workforce, avoiding difficulties when returning to work.

The professional ambitions of mothers and caregivers draw them to these platforms, Little said.

“They need to bring in money, and they want to maintain a social identity outside of their identities as mothers,” she said.

Little said that both mothers and their employers gain short-term benefits from digital talent platforms. Employers can reach highly skilled workers who may have otherwise been overlooked while women keep their skills honed.

“And they get to have ownership over what they’re doing and when they’re doing it—without having to work full-time when they either don’t want to or can’t,” she added.