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Professor offers advice about working from home with partners

Richard Slatcher, Gail M. Williamson Distinguished Professor in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences’ Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program in the psychology department, recently offered some advice to Thrive Global about working from home with your partner.

Establishing a routine is particularly important right now, Slatcher said, because it helps people feel in control of their lives when so much is out of control because of the pandemic.

“Focus on work during regular workday hours, then stop work and shut off your devices at around the same time each evening if you can. Unplugging at night is going to benefit your relationship,” he said.

Slatcher also suggests actively listening to your partner with the intent of understanding and trying to see things from their perspective.

“People try to win arguments, and the reality is that with that kind of a strategy, the relationship always loses,” he said.

He also suggests that people get moving and shake up their activities.