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Professor pens new historical romance

Good Man’s Croft
John. M. Brewer
Hardcover: $19.49; Paperback: $13.46

John M. Brewer, a faculty member in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences’ biochemistry and molecular biology department, has released his latest historical romance novel, Good Man’s Croft.

The book focuses on David Mendy, who grows up in Central England, in a place haunted by memories and customs going back thousands of years.

These include the Good Man’s Croft, an untilled piece of land rumored to be the site of child sacrifice.

While serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps in World War I, Mendy learns his wife’s affection is torn between him and Peter Landrum, the heir to the land that includes the Good Man’s Croft. But Landrum has another secret that brings him and Mendy into mortal conflict when Mendy returns.

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