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Professor shares whether milk does a body good

Emma Laing, clinical professor and director of dietetics in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, recently spoke with Consumer Reports about whether or not milk does a body good.

Almost half of people who buy plant-based milk do so because they think it is better for them or has more nutrients they need than cow’s milk, and 39 percent think it’s better for the environment or protects animals, according to a Consumer Reports’ survey. However, experts like Laing point out that might not be the case.

“Most other plant-based products do not contain nutrients comparable to dairy milk,” she said.

In fact, dairy milk contains more calcium, protein and vitamin D than other milks, which might also have additives like sweeteners and thickeners. But, plant milks do have an edge when it comes to sustainability.

Experts say that soy milk comes the closest to dairy, as long as it is fortified with calcium and vitamin D.